In April 2010, Eleanor Moseman left Shanghai on a journey of more than 10,000 miles, across 3 countries, on one bicycle. This is where she updates from the road.
  1. How I got my Ortliebs to shut the F*#$ up!

    Some may think it’s just downright blasphemous to make an insult to the absolute must have, Ortlieb bags.

    BUT…how far did you get when those damn clips started falling out? How far did you get before you lost one? Have you looked how much they cost? Let alone the shipping for such little bastard plastic pieces.

    Well, with combined brain power of myself and Brandon…we devised a little method to get rid of the clips all together and to prevent the noise they make when bouncing down a broken shale “road” and sneaking past police checkpoints.

    Additional pieces were placed to prevent hot spots.

    I have Surly racks, Brandon had Nitto – this method worked on both. We have the identical classic rolltop bags.

    Nothing a little duct tape, a few zip ties, and some hosing from your local hardware stare. (In China: WuJin – 5Gold)

    So, take your clips out all together and find an alternative method.

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  2. Bike Doctor

    The ride was taken in today for some maintenance and cleaning. She’s getting a new derailleur for sure. Jason had an epiphany that maybe a MTB component would hold up better for me. It’s not like I’m lying her down on the right side, but still, an awful lot of vibrations, dirt, dust, and just all around muck.

    My replacement tires finally arrived. TRUST ME, NEVER NEVER NEVER, SKIMP on a pair of good tires. After I met the “Potrait of the LBX” guys and claimed no flats in 5000km I kicked myself in the a$$ REALLY HARD! Our first day in Qinghai, I got 3 flats in 10 minutes – in the rain…in the city. NO MORE. I swear to …

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  3. Bike

    Soma Saga 54″ Frame/Fork
    Octalink 170 Crankset
    Deore XT 11-34 Cassette
    Dura Ace Bar End Shifters
    Kool Stop Brakepads
    Origin 8 Canti Brakes
    Front and Rear Surly Racks
    Ortlieb Front and Rear Waterproof Plus Panniers
    Double Kickstand
    Diore XT Front and Rear Hubs
    BB Shimano ES25 Crankset
    Shimano SLX Front Derailleur
    Shimano HG73 Chain
    Alex 36 hole Rims
    Maxxis Detonator 1.5 Tires
    Continental Tubes
    Oval M200 Stem
    Deda Grip
    Nitto Randonneur Bars
    Jagwire Cable
    Neco Headset


  4. Saga arrived in Shanghai

    So it seems that the Saga has gained some popularity, not to mention that some of my friends have become very interested in this bike because of their generosity. I was expecting to get the frame shipped to me while I was in the States, but they were behind orders for 54 frames. I’m still in the States, preparing to return and just got notice of the arrival of my frame to my home in Shanghai.

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  5. Soma Saga, Soma Fab and Merry Sales Sponsorship

    I am so stoked, after many emails, to finally get a hold of Stan at Soma Fab – they have granted me a fantastic Saga for the tour.

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